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MD, PhD Amangali Akanov

Head of Science department

Dr. Amangali Akanov is one of the initiators of the ProInCa project. As a coordinator and WP co-leader of WP 2.1, he will regulate the internal organization of the work, supervise the content and task process of WP2.1, and communicate the progress and results of the work package.

Mr. Amangali Akanov has more than 27 publications on the issues of medical education, public health, pharmacy, etc. He is an expert TDR WHO, curator of the student chapter ISPOR, HTA expert in the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and expert of the National Ethics Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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MSc.(Ec.) Gulim Aimagambetova

Chief specialist of the National and International Project Management office

Ms. Gulim Aimagambetova actively participated in the development of the ProInCa application from Kazakhstani universities. In this project, she will be responsible for timely provision of information to the project coordinator, translation of necessary documents (Russian/Kazakh-English), participation in Skype meetings with foreign partners, information gathering, and other organizational issues.

In ProInCa, she will mainly work in WPs 1 (Preparation) and 5 (Management).

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MSc.(Biol) Gulnur Utenova

Chief specialist of Educational Training Center

Ms. Gulnur Utenova has experience of working in international projects (TEMPUS, TAME) as an accountant. In ProInCa, she will be responsible for the supervision of financial issues.

In ProInca, she will mainly work in WPs 1 (Preparation) and 5 (Management).

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Zhanar Bukeyeva

Head of Educational Training Center

In the ProInCa-project, Ms. Zhanar Bukeyeva, Candidate of Medical Sciences, will work in WP 2.1 (Center for Nursing Excellence).

She has experience in international projects, and was the coordinator of the TEMPUS project «Creation of the interregional network of national centers on medical education, aimed at the introduction of problem-based learning and the virtual patient». She also has wide experience in the Kazakhstan nursing education status and nursing education development.

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Eldar Issabayev

Head of e-learning and informational security office in AMU

In the ProInCa project, Mr. Eldar Issabayev and his team (technical staff) are responsible for the design and development of the e-platform, piloting, and securing the sustainability of CNE (WP 2.1).

Mr. Eldar Issabayev has been introducing e-learning in medical education in Kazakhstan since 2012. He has wide experience in installing, configuring and using LMS Moodle. He is one of the authors of the portal for interactive learning, the Sirius. In addition, Mr. Issabaev has experience in maintenance of e-learning systems within projects at national and international level (Tempus, Erasmus +).

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MSc. (IT) Dauren Zhakupov

Chief Specialist of the automation, e-Learning, cybersecurity, data management and electronic library department

Mr.Dauren Zhakupov has experience in administration and configuration of platforms that provide access to electronic databases. His key qualifications are knowledge and experience with various educational platforms, as well as library service delivery systems.

In the ProInCa-project, he is responsible development of the e-platform.

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Vladimir Dikolaev


Mr. Vladimir Dikolaev previously worked as a cardiac surgeon at the National Medical Scientific Center. Currently he is the Leading specialist of the Science department at JSC “AMU”. Mr. Vladimir Dikolaev actively participates in national and international workshops, trainings and symposiums, and has been awarded with Best Case Presentation, Cardiac Surgery Salzburg Cleveland Seminar (2014). He has also attended many scientific-practical conferences around the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In ProInCa, he will be responsible for CNE and e-platform needs and requirement analysis in WP 2.1.

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